Illusive Love

Illusive Love
Title poem from the book:   Illusive Love

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Oh Love!
Why art thou so illusive?
Is it I, or art
thou a dreamer’s dream
and finding
grasping a fleeting bubble?

I have yearned for thee…
Sought thee…
Dreamed of thee…

All to no avail!
Do I reflect too much?
Desire too deeply?
Why can I not win thee
as a prize to be taken?
Why do I wait

for thee to be freely given?
Have all usurped thy beauty
Seeking solely pleasure
and selfish indulgence?
Is too, at least have that,
better than not to have thee..
at all?

Come to me, Oh Love!
Show me thou dost exist!
Come to me, my Love!
May we share eternal

Copyright © by Mack Pitts, 2010

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