Daunting…………..Haunting                                                                            Brilliant Pearls!                                                                                 Piercing!                                                                       Windows to your Soul!                                                                                  Yearning!                                                                                    Aching!                                                                                To BE more!                                                                                To SEE more!                                                                               To BLOSSOM!                                                                                BEAUTIFUL!                                                                               Brilliant Pearls!                                                                         cloaked, veiled, hidden!                                                                                         NOT                                                                          by Read more ›

First Proposal

First Proposal from the book: Illusive Love My mother told me a story That as a mere young child My heart was captured by, A sweet young lass’s smile. This blond haired, blue eyed little girl I called on the Read more ›

Twilight Dreams

Twilight Dreams from the book:  Illusive Love I am adrift in the ocean of your eyes, While my dreams take flight Through twilit skies On wing-ed hope of love fulfilled, With the one my soul longs for And my spirit Read more ›

Flickering Hope

Flickering Hope from the book:  Illusive Love tearful cries of agony, fathers and mothers mourning the loss of their children; prayers of desperation…hearts shattered by injustice…never ending rivers of pain wash over planet earth… echoing through the infinite abyss filling Read more ›

Illusive Love

Illusive Love Title poem from the book:   Illusive Love Oh Love! Why art thou so illusive? Is it I, or art thou a dreamer’s dream and finding grasping a fleeting bubble? I have yearned for thee… Sought thee… Read more ›