Flickering Hope

Flickering Hope
from the book:  Illusive Love

Accompanying Image- Flickering Hope Poem

tearful cries of agony,
fathers and mothers
mourning the loss of their children;
prayers of desperation…hearts
shattered by injustice…never ending
rivers of pain wash over
planet earth…
echoing through the infinite abyss
filling the void
with vibrations of myrrh and grief…

yet hidden, ever so minute, is
a harmonic resonance-
blanketed by the chaos-
a still small voice…
a song of joy:
light vanquishing the darkness—
a melody of hope…
flickering still.
The song of unconditional LOVE!
Sole spark of hope which,
Can light the candle of salvation
For our destitute world!
LOVE! Oh sweet song
Blossom into a symphony
Of healing and redemption that saves us


Copyright © by Mack Pitts, 2010

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