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Hazel-An Unquenchable Spirit by Mack A. Pitts

Reflections  (Chapter 1)

It seems we do not fully appreciate the love and sacrifices of our parents until we mature in age or go through the pain of losing them. So it was with me. Often as a young child I thought my mother to be smothering, over protective, and controlling. Now, as I look back in reflection, I see a different story emerge.
First, I must give some context to understand my mother…

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Essence book-cover imageSynopsis…

By 2213 the earth was completely controlled by Biologically Enhanced Mechanically Improved Humans (BEMIH). All remaining pure humanoids, the NTH, had been forced to Transvergence or relocation off Earth’s boundaries. The NTH must explore and settle on a distant hospitable planet. Join Captain Joshua Edwards and his small highly specialized crew as they undertake this last ditch mission to save mankind as they know it. Travel with them to Ventura while they validate the planet’s possibilities for human existence. Where they discover a perfect Eden-like environment but where they also unwittingly unleash an evil more malevolent than any threat on Earth from the BEMIH. An evil that now threatens to destroy all life back on Earth, BEMIH and NTH alike, launching them on a new and desperate mission of a different kind.

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newFront_IL-MP-260by262-72res-7-25-2013 Illusive Love is a personal chronology of the quest to find true love, to be connected, and to be caressed with the gift of genuine love.  Weaving through the years, the author examines and expresses his personal experiences in images and poems, as he journeys to find this hidden pearl.

A truth runs though the book that from the moment of our birth, all  humans  have one thing in common,  a yearning to be connected or reconnected with others, which is expressed  by a continuous quest to form loving and fulfilling relationships with others throughout our lives.

The poems and photos in Illusive Love showcase this  yearning  which tends to follow an evolution,  from an innocent heart , that of a  youthful risk taker who is  all trusting and  naive, to  a mature heart which is experienced, more realistic, and still hopeful that love lost, can be found again.

The inevitable pains, sorrows, joys and disappointments of this journey are honestly revealed, as human emotions and actions intertwine.   Thus this pursuit of true love is typically not an easy, smooth path, but one which at times proves to be very difficult, and rocky.

Join the author on his own quest towards understanding the illusive nature of love, and in ultimately regaining  faith and hope, through understanding, forgiveness and personal reflection, that love in itself is inspiring, beautiful, beyond any words expressed in poetry and images, and can only be embraced and accepted as a little child.

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Additional Poem Entries from Mack…


Arise- Image to accompany poem



Brilliant Pearls!


Windows to your Soul!



To BE more!

To SEE more!



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The Garden Club
(Paragraphs 1 and 2)

As far back as I can recall, truly for most of my mortal life, I have attended and have been a member of various and sundry Garden Clubs. Because I love Garden Clubs so very much, and intensely believe in them, I am compelled to put to pen my concerns for them in this hi-tech, digital, modern world of asphalt and steel which we are living in.

The Garden Clubs I have been involved in are of the variety which adheres to an ancient Garden Book. According to this Book, a noble Baron, who lived a long time ago, had a very large and fertile estate. The care and development of this estate was given to 12 gardeners. To these 12 gardeners were trusted the seed to a very rare and precious flower which the Baron had discovered. This flower was so unique and had never been seen before the Barons found it. Legend has it that the seeds to this flower fell to the earth in a meteorite that landed on the Baron’s estate. The Baron saw the brilliant “Star” fall. He began the quest to discover where it had landed and recover it. After quite an ordeal, the Baron found the heavenly incubator of the divine seed. He then secretly planted the seed. To his awe and delight, the seed grew! The Baron followed its development eagerly. Each day, he notated the flowering plants growth. Finally the long awaited moment came when its buds opened up to reveal a brilliant, radiant, red blossom! But what was even more exciting was its aroma! The aroma would engulf and embrace ones senses with arms of love and warmth never experienced before! The Baron named the flower Aspira Knonia Aga, or Knonia for short. From this flower and the original gardeners of the Baron, evolved all the varieties of Garden Clubs that exist in the world today. The Knonia has gone through myriads of change. Each change took it further from its original beauty. Each evolution decreased the potency of its aroma. Now, artificial aroma has to be sprayed on the modern versions of the flower for it to have any smell at all. Now, there exist thousands of varieties of the original Knonia. Many have begun to feel, through time, that the original Knonia was only for that time so long ago when the 12 gardeners lived and worked. Some feel the original Knonia can be rediscovered and is for ours and every generation to enjoy. Different Garden clubs grew around all the variations of the Knonia. Needless to say many controversies, much infighting, and many divisions plagued the Garden Clubs.

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